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Теплоустановка Потапова
Potapov's heatinstallation

To provide what is Potapov's heatgenerator, it is possible carefully having studied the scheme of its structure. The device is not known to broad masses yet, but it has the number of advantages to heating.

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Как работают сварочные трансформаторы?
How do welding transformers work?

Now the welding transformers intended for arc electric welding have the widest circulation. Feature of operation of these transformers is the intermittent duty of work with abrupt junctions from no-load operation to the short circuit and vice versa.

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Особенности сверления отверстий в стенах
Features of drilling of openings in walls

Performance of operation of drilling of openings in walls at modern equipment by the electric tool will not present bigger difficulty if the nobility as it is correct to carry out drilling.

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Энергия ветра: использование
Wind energy: use

Began to use wind energy of people far back in the past. It were the windmills constructed in Persia in the 200th years BC and intended for grain grind.

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Как выполнить пайку?
How to execute soldering?

Tough connection of parts among themselves with providing the reliable electrical link between them has to be result of soldering. How it is carried out?

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