Reference book by the construction electrician

Маркировка люминесцентных ламп
Marking of fluorescent lamps

Three tsifirny code on packaging of the lamp contain information concerning quality of light. Having studied marking, you will pick up the lamp of the necessary shade.

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Что представляют собой обмотки трансформаторов?
What is represented by windings of transformers?

The transformer represents the static elektromagnityony converter with two or more windings, prednaznachenyony is the (most frequent) for alternating-current transformation of one tension to alternating current of other tension.

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Работа в электроустановках напряжением до 1000 В
Work in electric units up to 1000 V

Work in electric units can be performed by the persons having qualification groups III are not lower. Repair works are performed with blackout of assemblies and installation of grounding.

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Конструкция трансформаторов
Design of transformers

The design of transformers has to ensure their reliable functioning during all set service life. Therefore impose special requirements to it.

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Виды трансформаторов
Types of transformers

The transformer call the static elektromagyonitny device transforming parameters of alternating-current electrical energy and transferring this energy from one chain in druyogy. What types he is?

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Устройство аппаратов защиты электроустановок
Device of devices of protection of electric units

Devices of protection are intended in order that at emergence of emergency operation in operation of electroreceivers or network circuits automatically to disconnect the protected electric circuit.

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