How switches through passage are connected?

There are several types of switches: single-button, two-keyboard, through passage, cross. Also there are switches with illumination, however, at connection of this kind of switches it is desirable to pay attention to lighting source type. For example, fluorescent lamps in the chain with the switch with illumination in the switched-off state will shine slightly.

Схемы проходных выключателей

Schemes of switches through passage.

The simplest chain at the rocker switch. The rocker switch has only two contacts, and in it to mix something rather difficult.

The chain so is switched: we find the supply lead, zero and the phase, then we give the zero wire on the lamp (the lamp, the chandelier) at once, and phase – on the switch. After that from the switch we pass the wire to the light source. Usually the chain is switched through the raspredkorobka where wires are twisted properly. The two-gang switch works as two single-button.

The only difference between the chain two single-button and one two-keyboard - lack of duplicative wires. I.e. it does not make sense to stretch two "neutral" to lamps which are located the row.

The two-gang switch has three contacts. Figuratively speaking one entrance and two exits. Here it is important to find the general (entering) contact, otherwise lamps will incorrectly join. It is important to know where the entrance, and change of wires at the exit will only change keys which are responsible for inclusion of this or that group of lamps.

Switch through passage

Пример схемы подключения двухклавишного проходного выключателя

Example of the scheme of connection of the two-gang switch through passage.

It would be more correct than it to call not the switch, but the switch. Its essence that it switches giving of current from one wire to another.

As a rule, they are used in couple. Switches through passage, as a rule, use in corridors, ladder flights and so forth.

The switch through passage has also three contacts, as well as two-keyboard, only works in a different way. In it, as well as in two-keyboard, there are one input pin and two exits.

It is important to know where the entrance, and change of wires at the exit will only change the provision of the key.

At the wrong connection of switches through passage the chain will incorrectly work.

Cross switch

The cross switch is used if switching on and off of one light source from three and more places is required. It is used together with two checkpoints. That is the chain from switches has to begin and come to an end with the switch through passage, and between them it is possible to establish theoretically infinite number of cross.

The cross switch has four contacts: two entrance, two days off. The essence of switching is that in one situation the first entrance wire is closed with the first wire at the exit, the second entrance will be closed with the second output wire, in other provision of the wire are kind of interchanged the position, i.e. the first entrance will be closed with the second day off, the second entrance - with the first day off. Here it is important not to mix and pay attention to designations, and that the chain will incorrectly work.

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