Safety measures during the work with electric units

Instruction to the worker according to the safety measures (SM) at equipment maintenance and works in power stations.

Техника безопасности при работе с электроприборами

During the work with electrical equipment you should not neglect any point of safety measures. Not observance at least of one point, can lead to accident.

Схема средств защиты при работе с эллектрустановками

The scheme of means of protection during the work with ellektrustanovka.

  1.  In each workplace there have to be production and duty regulations in the volume obligatory for this position or the profession. Prior to work CHECK implementation of requirements of the RULES TB relating to the forthcoming work. At non-compliance with this situation the personnel have no right to get to work irrespective of who instructed it in its performance.
  2.  It is FORBIDDEN! to be without production need on platforms of units, near hatches, water-indicating glasses and also about the locking, regulating, safety armature and flange joints of the pipelines which are under pressure.
  3.  It is FORBIDDEN! to lean and become on barriers of platforms, to go on pipelines and also on the designs and overlappings which are not intended for this purpose.
  4. It is FORBIDDEN! start-up and short-term operation of mechanisms or devices at absence or non-operational condition of the protecting devices and also to make cleaning near mechanisms without safety barriers or with badly fixed barriers.
  5.  It is FORBIDDEN! to clean, rub off and grease the rotating or moving parts of mechanisms and also to get through barriers or to push hands for them for lubricant and cleaning. As cleaning materials to apply cotton or linen rags.
  6.  It is FORBIDDEN! to stop manually the rotating and moving mechanisms. CHECK coincidence of pinholes at assembly of flange joints by means of short scrow-bars or mandrels.
  7.  During the work at height USE the inventory woods and the stage. Work from accidental supports (boxes, barrels, boards, etc.). It is forbidden!
  8.  When carrying and dropping the load workers have to be on the one hand the load. To transfer the load on shanks of shovels, lamas, etc. It is forbidden!
  9.  During the work in the gas dangerous underground construction or the reservoir application of rescue belts and ropes is OBLIGATORY!
  10.  Doors of the gas dangerous rooms which do not have permanent service personnel HAVE TO be closed on the lock.
  11.  It is NECESSARY to open and close latches and valves special devices. It is FORBIDDEN to use for this purpose levers (loma, pipes, etc. objects)!
  12.  To lift and lower the load on the ladder and to leave on it the IS FORBIDDEN tool!
  13.  It is FORBIDDEN to be on ladder steps more than to one person!
  14.  It is FORBIDDEN! to light fuel in fire chambers at open manholes and glyadelka.
  15.  To open and close covers of underground hatches directly hands, wrenches and other objects IS FORBIDDEN which are not intended for this purpose! For this purpose special hooks not less than 500 mm long have to be used.

Smoking in the territory and in production rooms is allowed only in specially allotted places. At danger of emergence of accident the personnel which are close have to take measures for its prevention.

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