Potapov's heatinstallation

Potapov's heatgenerator is not known to the wide people at large and is still a little studied from the scientific point of view. For the first time to try to carry out the idea which came to mind Yury Semyonovich Potapov dared towards the end of the eightieth years of last century. Researches were conducted in the city of Chisinau. The researcher was not mistaken, and results of attempts exceeded all its expectations.

Схема устройства теплогенератора на твердом топливе

The scheme of the device of the heatgenerator on solid fuel.

The ready heatgenerator managed to be patented and launched in general use only at the beginning of February, 2000.

All available opinions concerning the heatgenerator created by Potapov rather strongly disperse. Someone considers it almost world invention, attribute it very high profitability at operation - to 150%, and in some cases and up to 200% of economy of energy. Consider that the perennial spring of energy on Earth without harmful effects for the environment is almost created. Others approve the return - like, all this charlatanism, and the heatgenerator, actually, demands resources even more, than when using its standard analogs.

On some sources, Potapov's developments are prohibited in USA, Ukraine and in the territory of Moldova. On other sources, after all, currently in our country thermogenerators of this kind produce several tens of the plants and they are on sale worldwide, long ago are in demand and take prizes at different technical exhibitions.

Descriptive characteristic of the structure of the heatgenerator

Схема стационарного теплогенератора

Scheme of the stationary heatgenerator.

To provide as Potapov's heatgenerator looks it is possible, having carefully studied the scheme of its structure. Especially as it from enough standard parts consists and what there is a speech about, it will not be difficult to understand.

So, the central and most thorough part of the heatgenerator of Potapov is its body. It holds central position in all design and has the cylindrical form, it is established vertically. To the lower part of the body, its base, the end face attached the cyclone for origin in it vortex flows and increase in advance speed of liquid. As installation in the basis of the action has the big high-speed phenomena, it was necessary to provide the elements which are slowing down all process for more convenient management in its design.

For such purposes in the opposite side from the cyclone the special brake mechanism joins the body. It too the cylindrical form, in its center the axis is established. On the axis on radiuses several edges, by quantity from two are attached. After the brake mechanism the bottom supplied with the exhaust outlet for liquid is provided. Further on the course the opening will be transformed to the branch pipe.

These are basic elements of the heatgenerator, all of them are located in the vertical plane and densely connected. In addition the branch pipe for the exit of liquid is equipped with the by-pass branch pipe. They are densely fastened and provide contact of two ends of the chain of basic elements: that is the branch pipe of the upper is connected to the cyclone in the lower part. In the place of coupling of the by-pass branch pipe with the cyclone the additional small brake mechanism is provided. The injection branch pipe is attached to the edge part of the cyclone at right angle to the axis of the main chain of elements of the device.

The injection branch pipe is provided by the device design for the purpose of connection of the pump with the cyclone, the bringing and taking away pipelines for liquid.

Prototype of the heatgenerator of Potapov

Схема механизма работы теплового насоса

Scheme of the mechanism of operation of the thermal pump.

The vortex pipe Wound became Yury Semyonovich Potapov's inspirer on creation of the heatgenerator. The pipe Wound was invented for the purpose of division of hot and cold mass of air. Later in the pipe Steel Wound to start also water for the purpose of obtaining similar result. Vortex flows originated in the so-called snail - the constructive part of the device. In the course of application of the pipe Wound it was noticed that water after passing of helical expansion of the device changed the temperature in the positive side.

Potapov also paid attention to this the unusual, up to the end not proved from the scientific point of view phenomenon, having applied it to the invention of the heatgenerator with only one small difference as a result. After passing of water through the whirlwind its flows not sharply shared on hot and cold as it happened to air in the pipe Wound, and on warm and hot. As a result of some measuring researches of new development Yury Semyonovich Potapov found out that the most energy-intensive part of all device - the electric pump - spends much less energy, than its is developed as a result of work. The principle of profitability on which the heatgenerator is based also consists in it.

The physical phenomena on which basis acts the heatgenerator

Схема устройства вихревой теплосистемы

Scheme of the device of vortex heatsystem.

In general, in the way of operation of the heatgenerator of Potapov there is nothing difficult or unusual.

The principle of action of this invention is based on cavitation process, from here it is called still the vortex heatgenerator. Cavitation is based on the formation of vials of air in the thickness of water caused by force of vortex flow energy of water. Formation of bubbles is always followed by the specific sound and formation of the certain energy as a result of their blows at great speed. Bubbles represent the cavities in water filled with evaporations from water in which they also were formed. Liquid puts constant pressure upon the bubble, respectively, he aims to move from the area of high pressure to the area low to escape. As a result, it does not maintain pressure and sharply contracts or "bursts", at the same time splashing out the energy forming the wave.

The emitted "explosive" energy of the large number of bubbles has such force that it is capable to destroy impressive metal designs. Such energy also serves as additional when heating. For the heatgenerator completely closed contour in which the bubbles of very mesh size bursting in the thickness of water are formed is provided. They have no such destructive force, but provide the gain of heat energy to 80%. In the contour maintenance with an alternating-current voltage up to 220B is provided, the integrity of electrons, important for process, at the same time remains.

As it was already told, work of thermal installation requires formation of "the water whirlwind". The pump which is built in thermal installation which forms the necessary pressure level is responsible for it and with the force sends it to working capacity. During emergence of turbulence in water there are certain changes to mechanical energy in the thickness of liquid. As a result identical temperature condition begins to be set. Additional energy is created, according to Einstein, is followed transition of the certain weight to necessary heat, all process by cold nuclear fusion.

Principle of operation of the heatgenerator of Potapov

Схема устройства тепловой пушки

Scheme of the device of the heat gun.

For full understanding of all subtleties in kind of work of such device as the heatgenerator, it is necessary to consider step by step all stages of process of heating of liquid.

In the system of the heatgenerator the pump creates pressure at the level from 4 to 6 atm. Under the created pressure water with the pressure comes to the injection branch pipe attached to the flange of the started centrifugal pump. The fluid flow promptly rushes into the cavity of the snail similar to the snail in the pipe Wound. Liquid, as well as in the experience done with air, begins to rotate quickly on the curved channel for achievement of effect of cavitation.

The following element which contains the heatgenerator and where liquid gets - it is the vortex pipe, at this moment water already reached the character of the same name and moves promptly. According to Potapov's developments, length of the vortex pipe many times exceeds the sizes of its width. The opposite edge of the vortex pipe is already hot, there and liquid goes.

To reach the necessary point, it passes the way on spirally twirled spiral. The screw spiral is located about walls of the vortex pipe. In the moment liquid reaches the destination - the hot spot of the vortex pipe. Fluid movement on the main body of the device comes to the end with this action. The trace structurally provided the main brake mechanism. This device is intended for the partial conclusion of hot liquid from the state found by it, that is the flow is a little leveled thanks to the radial plates fixed on the plug. The plug has the internal empty cavity which connects to the small brake mechanism following the cyclone in the scheme of the structure of the heatgenerator.

Схема подключения теплогенератора к системе отопления

Scheme of connection of the heatgenerator to the system of heating.

Along walls of the brake mechanism hot liquid moves ahead to the exit from the device closer and closer. Meanwhile, on the internal cavity of the plug of the main brake mechanism towards to the flow of hot liquid the vortex flow of the taken-away cold liquid proceeds.

Time of contact of two flows through walls of the plug is enough to heat cold liquid. And now the warm flow goes to the exit via the small brake mechanism. Additional heating of the warm flow is carried out during its passing on the brake mechanism under the influence of the cavitation phenomenon. Well heated-up liquid is ready to go out of the small brake mechanism on the bypass and to pass on the main taking-away branch pipe connecting two ends of the main chain of elements of the thermal device.

The hot heat carrier also goes to the exit, but in the opposite direction. Let's remember that the bottom is attached to the upper of the brake mechanism, the opening with the diameter equal to diameter of the vortex pipe is provided in the central part of the bottom.

The vortex pipe, in turn, is connected by the opening in day. Therefore, hot liquid finishes the movement on the vortex pipe with pass to the bottom opening. After hot liquid gets to the main taking-away branch pipe where mixes up with the warm flow. On it the movement of liquids on the system of the heatgenerator of Potapov is finished. On the exit from the heater water arrives from the upper of the by-pass branch pipe - hot, and from its lower part - warm, in it it mixes up, ready to use. Hot water can be applied or in the water supply system to economic needs, or as the heat carrier in the system of heating. All stages of operation of the heatgenerator pass in presence of air.

Features of use of the heatgenerator of Potapov for heating of rooms

It is known that heated water in Potapov's thermogenerator can be used in the different household purposes. And convenient use of the heatgenerator as constructive unit of heating system can be rather favorable. If to proceed from the specified economic parameters of the unit, then any other device will not be compared on economy.

So, when using the heatgenerator of Potapov for heating of the heat carrier and its start-up the following order is provided in system: the liquid fulfilled already with lower temperature from the primary circuit comes to the centrifugal pump again. In turn, the centrifugal pump sends warm water through the branch pipe directly to the system of heating.

Advantages of heatgenerators when using for heating

The most clear advantage of heatgenerators - rather simple service, despite the possibility of free installation without demand of special permission to that at employees of power supply networks. It is enough to check time in half a year the rubbing device parts - bearings and glands. At the same time, according to statements of suppliers, the middle guaranteed service life - up to 15 years and more.

Potapov's heatgenerator differs in full safety and harmlessness for the environment and the people using it. Environmental friendliness is proved by the fact that during the operation of the cavitational heatgenerator emissions in the atmosphere of the most harmful products from processing of natural gas, solid-fuel materials and diesel fuel are excluded. They just are not used.

Feed of work comes from the power supply network. The possibility of ignition because of lack of contact with naked flame is excluded. Additional safety is ensured by the instrument panel of the device, with it total control of all processes of change of temperature and pressure in system is made.

The economic efficiency when heating the room heatgenerators is expressed in several advantages. First, it is not necessary to care for quality of water when it plays the heat carrier role. It is not necessary to think that it will do harm to all system only because of its poor quality. Secondly, it is not necessary to do the financial investments in arrangement, laying and service of thermal routes. In the third, heating of water with use of physical laws and applications of cavitation and vortex flows completely excludes emergence of calcic stones on internal walls of installation. In the fourth, expenditure of money for transportation, storage and acquisition of earlier necessary fuel materials (natural coal, solid-fuel materials, oil products) are excluded.

Indisputable advantage of heatgenerators to house use consists in their exclusive universality. The range of use of heatgenerators in household use is very wide:

Absolutely unexpected advantage is that the heatgenerator can be used even to oil refining. In view of uniqueness of development, vortex installation is capable to liquefy heavy tests of oil, to hold preparatory activities before transportation on oil refineries. All specified processes are carried out with the minimum expenses.

It should be noted ability of heatgenerators to absolutely autonomous work. That is the mode of intensity of its work can be set independently. Besides, all designs of the heatgenerator of Potapov are very simple when mounting. It will not be required to involve employees of the service organizations, all operations on installation can be done independently.

Self-contained unit of the heatgenerator of Potapov

Installation by the hands of the vortex heatgenerator of Potapov as the basic element of heating system requires few tools and materials. It provided that distributing of the most heating system is already ready, that is registers are suspended under windows and connected among themselves by pipes. It is necessary only to connect the device giving the hot heat carrier. It is necessary to prepare:

At installation of the heatgenerator diagonal distributing of pipes is provided, that is in the direction of travel the hot heat carrier will move in the upper branch pipe of the battery, to pass through it, and the cooling-down heat carrier will leave the opposite lower branch pipe.

Just before installation of the heatgenerator it is necessary to be convinced of integrity and serviceability of all its elements. Then the chosen way it is necessary to connect the branch pipe pumping water to pumping in system. To do the same with the taking-away branch pipes - to connect corresponding. Then it is necessary to take care of connection in the system of heating of the necessary controlling devices:

After the heatgenerator it is connected to power supply of 220B, and filling of system with water at open air latches is carried out.

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