The main requirements to the personnel servicing electric units

The persons servicing electric devices should not have the diseases or mutilations preventing normalyyony work on production. Therefore before employment the state of health is established by meditsinyosky survey.

Обслуживание электрического устройства

For high-quality and safe service of electric units, there is the careful selection and training.

Repeated medical examinations have to be performed at least once in two years.

All workers, technicians and engineers servicing electric devices
take the course according to safety measures and probation in the workplace not less than 6 — 12 days for acquisition of practical nayovyk, acquaintance with the equipment, the equipment and at the same time study rules and local ekspluatatsiyoonny instructions.

Their knowledge is checked by the qualification commission. At unsatisfactory assessment of knowledge of the worker repeatedly check not earlier than in two weeks. At repeated unsatisfactory assessment the worker or passes the additional term of probation, or peyorevoditsya for other work. If for the third time the worker finds unsatisfactory knowledge, it cannot be allowed to service of electric units.

To the persons who passed test examinations prisvaivayot the certain qualification group and grant the personalized certificate of the established form.

Удостоверение, подтверждающее квалификацию специалиста

To the worker with the certain group of the admission, impose relevant requirements to knowledge.

There are five such qualification groups:

The first group - is appropriated after carrying out fact-finding instructing which comes to the end usually with the examination which is carried out in the form of oral poll and also check of the received skills of safe working methods or first-aid treatment by the victim of blow with electric current.

The second group - can be appropriated to the worker only after its special training in the 72-hour program. After passing of the course the electrician has to learn to use practically gained technical knowledge of the device of electric equipment and to know the basic principles of its work.
In addition, he has to have a clear view of possible effects of defeat by electric current and master the main methods of safe work on current carrying parts of the equipment fixed to it.
The taking examination it is obliged to have, besides, practical skills of rendering the first pre-medical aid by the victim of electric shock.

The third group - on receiving the III group of the admission experience on the specialty in the previous group has to have the taking examination (from 1st to 3 months). For receiving the III group of the admission the worker is obliged:

Требования к персоналу, работающему с электроустановками

Each specialist has to undergo regular confirmation of qualification.

The fourth group - for receiving such group of the admission has to work the taking examination with the previous group of the admission not less than 3-6 months and it is obliged:

The fifth group - to get the V group of the admission, it is necessary to work with the IV group not less than 3-24 months and also:

By results of check of knowledge gained during training workers receive the certificate of the established sample in which the group on electrical safety appropriated to them is specified.

Impose certain requirements to workers of each qualification group, both concerning length of service, and concerning practical skills and knowledge.

From one qualification category to another the circle of requirements to practical skills of rayobotnik and to the volume of their theoretical knowledge rasyoshiryatsya.

Masters, technicians and engineers having zakonchenyony technical education and practicians, proizvodyayoshchy electroworks, chief mechanical engineers and electrical engineers (the fifth qualification group) have to have length of service in electric devices not less than five years for practicians and not less than six months for persons with the finished average and the highest technical obrazovayoniy.

All categories of workers, technicians and engineers (nachiyony from the second qualification group) servicing electrical units are annually obliged to undergo the examination of safety rules. The persons which did not pass tests by safety regulations for the second time are exposed to check as without knowledge of safety regulations they cannot hold the corresponding position.

Technical officers, except the faces of opeyorativny personnel, undergo testing every two years.

At detection of violations of safety rules each worker is obliged to report about it to higher officials and also about all malfunctions which predyostavlyat danger to life of people.

When fault in the electric unit, predstavyolyayushchy danger to surrounding people or the installation, can be eliminated by the worker, its obnayoruzhivshy, he is obliged to make it immediately, and then to inform on fault of the direct rukovoyoditel.

The orders contradicting safety regulations are forbidden to be carried out categorically.

Guilty of violation of the rules of safety measures subject to disciplinary punishments.

One of measures of disciplinary punishment is demotion. At the same time, respectively, sniyozhat also qualification group on the bezyoopasnost equipment. At recovery of qualification group after the collecting expiration proizyovodit the examination by rules of the equipment of the bezopasyonost again.

The officials guilty of violation of the rules of safety measures, the technical inspectorate brings to administrative or ugolovyony responsibility.

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