Electrical equipment lessons

Характеристики трехфазного тока
Characteristics of the three-phase current

Three identical on the frequency and amplitude of alternating current, shifted relatively each other for 1/3 periods (120 °), form three-phase system. There are two ways of connection of windings in three-phase system: star and triangle.

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Как работают синхронные машины?
How do synchronous machines work?

The principle of action of the synchronous generatoyor is based on use of the law of elekyotromagnitny induction. The main advantage of synchronous motors - the possibility of their work with consumption of the leading current

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Каковы основные свойства полупроводников?
What main properties of semiconductors?

On electrical resistance semiconductors take the intermediate place between conductors and insulators. Point-contact diodes and triodes have the number of advantages.

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Типы химических источников энергии
Types of chemical power sources

Galvanic cells and accumulators belong to chemical sources of electrical energy. In them chemical energy of oxidation-reduction processes will be transformed to electrical energy of the direct current.

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Описание вращающегося магнитного поля
The description of the rotating magnetic field

Feature of multiphase systems is the opportunity to create the rotating magnetic field in mechanically motionless device. If at the same time the magnetic displacement vector does not change in size and rotates with constant angular speed, such field is called circular.

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Список выдающихся деятелей электротехники
List of outstanding figures of electrical equipment

The list of outstanding figures of electrical equipment is big and continues to be replenished and presently. To know their main achievements, the contribution to development of electrical equipment it is necessary for everyone.

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Преобразование химической энергии в электрическую
Transformation of chemical energy to electric

Transformation of chemical energy to electric is connected with the phenomenon of electrolytic dissociation. Its essence consists in formation of the charged particles — ions at dissolution of nekoyotory substances.

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