How to carry out installation of the washing machine?

Progress does not stand still, many good and necessary electric devices the person for convenience and simplification in the life invents. And such invention are modern washing machines automatic machines. The predecessor invented in the middle of the last century long served our women.

Схема подключения стиральной машинки к водопроводу

Scheme of connection of the washing machine to the water supply system.

And for decades these washing machines were issued only with small completions and changes. The principle of work at them was identical – the mode of hand wash and if the washing machine was with the centrifuge, then it were already semiautomatic devices.

New generation – machines automatic machines. There is the question how to install such device by the hands? There are services which are engaged in these works, and it is possible to address them, but these are already additional expenses. And to establish and connect the machine of difficulties does not make, it is in power to any man (though there are also representatives of the weaker sex who will be able or already all this was made).

To installation of the washing machine there are mandatory requirements: it is the socket personal (whenever possible), the supply of the cold water and access to the sewerage.

Общая схема подключения стиральной машины

General scheme of connection of the washing machine.

And, buying the car, you, probably, somehow decided on these questions. I on the example will tell how it was done by me as all necessary nuances were absent, and all was necessary necessary to do most. If I invited the specialist from service, installation would cost "kopek".

So, first of all it is necessary to bring power supply.

I had to be connected to the socket standing close by, to proshtrobit the groove from the available socket and to connect new, the wire took 2.5 mm2 copper as wiring in my house is executed by copper wire. If you have the electrical wiring from aluminum, can lay it, the section of 2.5 mm2 too quite will be enough. Here it is necessary to find the most painless way. It is possible to be connected to the neighboring room if on that wall there is the socket. Look for the shortest and convenient way, you do not ruin the tile or walls. If after all it is necessary to go on the tile, I can give advice which I used at installation of the extract for the gas stove.

The socket at the plate was absent, and we temporarily used ignition via the extender and when time to establish the extract came, the question of leading of power supply rose "at the head of the corner". On the opposite wall (in the neighboring room) I have the socket. Drilled the opening to the adjacent room, and on the tiled wall used the cement seam, the Bulgarian cut through the groove for the wire. Installed sockets and covered the seam with solution, everything turned out remarkably, and, above all, accurately.

Let's return to our washing machine. The socket has to be euro, that is three-wire if the electrical wiring at you two-core (two-conductor) and you install the washing machine in the apartment, then the missing earth wire should be conducted from the guard on the site.

Подключение стиральной машины к канализации

Connection of the washing machine to the sewerage.

It is possible to make it the multicore or single-core copper wire with a section of 2.5-4 mm2. It is useful further to you for other electric devices which demand obligatory grounding. It for those who live in the apartment.

We have the socket, it is time to bring water. If nearby there passes the water pipe and it is possible to connect somehow the T-coupler, it is good. In my case such conveniences were not. It was necessary to do the following option: to make the drill 8 mm the opening in  the pipe passing nearby (before drilling it is necessary to block water) and to put the collar with the thread (it is possible to buy in shop). And further, having evaluated distance to the washing machine, it is possible to use the metallized flexible hose, they the different sizes.

Surely on the collar of insert it is necessary to install the crane. It is possible to put here and the filter of water purification, the choice big now. To put this part or not to put, solve, but in the washing machine there is the filter in the form of the small network which practically detains all small particles. For 3 years of use of the machine to me 2 times were necessary to clean this network. We have water and "light", now will be engaged in the sewerage.

It is good if the sewerage is near. In my case this question was the most labor-consuming. In the kitchen garden, at distance of 5-6 m I dug out the hole, diameter of the tire 1.2-1.3 m in depth of the car. And in this hole laid 6 old automobile tires, one on another. From sides it is possible to cut through small openings that water when from the hole goes to soil did not stand. At such simple design, need to do the timbering and to fill in walls with concrete disappears. Walls of the hole will not fall off. And here from above concrete was necessary (2 buckets) for end and registration of the construction. From the house to the hole dug out the trench of 30-40 cm in depth at the house, and at the hole - 50 cm.

Подключение стиральной машины к электросети

Connection of the washing machine to the power supply network.

Used sewer pipes plastic with a diameter of 50 mm (especially for the sewerage). They are meter, with the possibility of dense connection among themselves. Plastic will not rust therefore will last for a long time. But during digging-up of the kitchen garden it is possible to punch the pipe the shovel.

From above pipes I put fillets from old roofing iron which will warn if the shovel concerned the sewer pipe. Here the issue of the local sewerage was so resolved.

On it preparation came to the end. The socket was put, walls after these works put in order, zashtukaturit, puttied, picked up the color, tinted. The moment of the installation of the machine came.

Here it is necessary to consider one important circumstance: the floor under machine has to be strong if wooden, from below it is necessary what - image to substitute the emphasis or in general to concrete this place.

Why it is so important? If on the floor there is at least the insignificant swing, then the machine will strongly vibrate, and it is the way to breakdown.

Схема установки врезного хомута

Scheme of installation of the cut-in collar.

First of all it is necessary to remove bolts for transportation. They are from the back party, it is well shown in documents and do everything according to the instruction attached to the washing machine next.

It is desirable to establish on the rubber rug (it is possible to use electric, they thick and strong) that the machine did not "go" during the extraction. Accurately and slowly we expose the machine on level. During the extraction the machine should not vibrate. We are connected to water and the sewerage further.

Sewer corrugated tube which in the set by the machine, is established with rise up (some kind of siphon), but not at once down then and we bring it to the pipe of the sewerage which we made. Once again we recheck everything, we open the water crane, we give the power supply, we load linen, we adjust the washing mode on the display.

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