Rules of mounting of dot lamps

First of all for installation of dot lamps in the box or the ceiling from gypsum cardboard it is necessary to count in advance how many lamps you will install what lamps will be, under the halogen or normal lamp and to draw, at least approximately, the scheme of the arrangement. It is necessary for laying of wires of connection to installation sites of dot lamps. Height of dot lamps under the normal bulb of 8-12 centimeters, and under halogen - 5 – 7. It needs to be considered at the device of ceilings or the box.

Схема установки точечных светильников

Scheme of installation of dot lamps.

After distributing of wires and production of the ceiling or the box we begin the marking and mounting of dot lamps, using the special set of crowns on gypsum cardboard. We do openings under lamps, at the same time it is necessary to have at least one lamp that the nobility what diameter of the opening under the dot lamp we will do. For this purpose we select the crown for the lamp size so that the crown was a little bigger diameter, than the lamp.

By means of the drill and the crown clamped in it we cut out on tags of the opening and we begin mounting of dot lamps with the lamp which the edge of the wire approaches.

Before mounting it is necessary to be convinced of lack of tension on wires, using the normal indicator.

We smooth out wires, we connect the lamp, further we press springs, we insert the lamp, we twist the bulb, and on it installation of the dot lamp can be considered finished.

It is better to cut openings under lamps before painting not to damage the paint coat the crown.

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    Dot lamps look on the ceiling better if to install them together with the decor.

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