For what installation of reactive power compensation is necessary?

The system of reactive power compensation and, in particular, condenser installation is intended for reactive power compensation in network circuits of low tension of 0,4 kV. Systems are made with power from 5 to 600 quar. and are intended for use in networks with the small level of currents of the upper harmonics. Two control modes are provided: manual and automatic.

Схемы измерения активной мощности в трехфазной цепи

Schemes of measurement of active power in the three-phase chain.

The manual mode provides any management of the power of condenser installation.

The automatic mode is provided with the microprocessor regulator of correction of electrical power factor working as the current cos value. Regulation of the factor of power from 0,85 inductive up to 0,95 capacity.

Microprocessor regulator of correction of electrical power factor:

Stationary and automatic systems (condenser installations) of reactive power compensation.

 The ICAR company offers 3 types fixed and 4 types of automatic systems of reactive power compensation (kondesatorny installations).

The fixed systems of reactive power compensation (condenser installations)



It is made of racks that facilitates service and replacement of the failed parts.

These condensers are used in industrial equipment, such as rectifiers or inverters where are exposed to considerable thermal and electric wear.


Схема подключение установки компенсации реактивной мощности

Scheme connection of installation of reactive power compensation.


Thanks to modular system this series allows to receive necessary reactive power, combining modules in the simple and fast chain.

Automatic systems of reactive power compensation. Complex condenser installations of reactive power compensation, device, installation. KRM.



It is equipped with the loading switch (combined with the box door handle) and the panel with signal lamps.


Установки компенсации реактивной мощности УКРМ-0,4

Installations of reactive power compensation UKRM-0,4.


This most melkogabaritny element of system of the reactive power compensation (RPC) as much as possible is suitable for reactive power compensation of small devices. It is executed in the modular concept with the purpose to simplify replacement and service of parts of system.

System of the average size and average loading. Internal equipment is located on racks (MIDIracks) with the additional conclusion of the power supply and the arrangement of the cable on the ceiling or the floor of the box.







The automatic system of the reactive power compensation (RPC) for big industrial facilities. Cables come through each column or via the switch/switch.

Internal filling of MULTImatic is located on the pallets installed on racks.

Singular solutions

On the special request the system of compensation, "made manually" for productions with special specifications is developed and made. In such cases in the systems of the reactive power compensation (RPC) and in condenser installations condensers of the special Bioenergy series - superpowerful condensers with technology of the impregnated bi-metallized paper are used ("3In").

Condensers of the Bioenergy series are expected the rated voltage of 900 V and maintain peak voltage up to 2800 Century. Condensers have the large supply of durability to temporary or constant overloads and periodic high working temperatures that does them extremely safe for your production. Condensers work with the rated frequency of 60 Hz.

Condenser installations - the element of the network circuit. Conditionally they are separated into devices:

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