The Intelliworks SD-001 device for energy economy

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Схема энергосберегающего устройства

Scheme of the energy saving device.

More than ever questions of energy saving are particularly acute in the modern world. And at continuous increase in utility tariffs – questions of their payment are particularly acute. Therefore any energy saving technologies are so important.

The novelty of modern technologies - the energy saving Intelliworks device will bring to your budget real economy. It will really save from 15 to 45% of the consumed electric power. The device of power saving uses modern electric technologies, actively controls and improves electrical power factor of your electric devices. Besides, the intellectual technology optimizes tension and current, thus active power decreases that allows to receive up to 35% of economy for payment of the electric power!

The device also acts as the voltage regulator, keeping energy up to 10 seconds during instant voltage surge. It, in turn, leads to longer service life of electric devices.

Principle of operation of devices

Принцип работы энергосберегающего прибора

Principle of operation of the energy saving device.

The energy saving Intelliworks device is turned on in the chain parallel to loading after the counter. Then inductive currents fluctuate between the windings (having induced resistance) and the static converter, but do not circulate on the alternating current main, between the transformer and loading.

Elements of regulation and alternating-current measurement pass active power from network in the working equipment, and send the wattless current to that phase of loading where it is required.

The electrical power factor is automatically stabilized at the level close to "1".

Net power will increase due to transformation of reactive power in additional, active.

It is a little physics

To emergence of losses leads delay of the alternating-current phase to tension phase, in the presence of inductive loading as loadings in household networks usually active and inductive (electric kettles, coffee makers, washing machines and so forth). Active energy turns in useful, and inductive (reactive) energy creates magnetic fields which form additional load of the supply line. Extending on network, this energy makes oscillating motions from loading to the generator and back. The share of reactive power (depends on the type of payload) in network can make from 15 to 45% of ultimate power.

It is considered by counters and ultimate power is subject to payment, so if to exclude reactive power, then it is possible to save 15-45% of the electric power, as carries out the "smart" energy saving device.

What do we receive?

Recommendations about connection and use:

Схема подключения устройства

Scheme of connection of the device.

  1. For optimum work the device has to be installed as it is possible closer to the point of input of the power supply network so that to find all loadings and to adjust electrical power factor respectively.
  2. The model and power of the device can be defined proceeding from the maximum total power of consumption of the household appliances provided in the table.
  3. Most effectively in use with inductive receivers (for example, engines, transformers, fluorescent lamps, etc.).

It is effectively used in apartments, country houses.
Just connect the device in network and begin to save!

The approximate table of power saving with use of the device:


Power, VA:

Approximate economy, %

Fluorescent lamp


till 35-40

Computer, notebook


till 15-20



till 15-20

Electric stove


till 35-40

Microwave oven


till 35-40

Refrigerator, deep freeze


till 20-35



till 15-20

Washing machine


till 15-20

Gas boiler with the electric motor


till 15-20



till 20-30

The hair dryer for hair


till 20-25

Electric kettle


till 20-35

Coffee maker


till 15-20



till 10-15



till 25-35



till 15-20

Circular saw


till 20-25



till 15-25



till 10-15



till 15-20



till 15-25

Technical characteristics:

  1. Rated voltage - 90-250 V (1 phase).
  2. Frequency - 50-60 Hz.
  3. Working temperature - from -15 °C to +60 °C.
  4. The maximum allowable load - 15 000 W.

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    There is the condenser which extinguishes reactive energy. What is good. But the device consumes active energy. It is hard to say what useful coefficient.

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