How to build the base for the electrical machine?

The sizes and structures of the bases for small elektrogeneyorator and electric motors often are defined directly when mounting. At the same time it is necessary to be guided by the following.

The bases of machines it is impossible to have end-to-end to the bases of the next machines or to connect them with the steyona of buildings located nearby to avoid excessive concussions and noise. The machines which are directly connected to electric motors in the absence of the general base plate need to be put on the general base for both machines. The certain bases in such cases, unevenly extending and settling, give distortions and can be priyochiny major accidents.

Таблица 1. Вес 1 м3 фундамента. Таблица 2. Время выдерживания фундаментов до установки электрических аппаратов.

Table 1. Weight is 1 m3 of the base. Table 2. Time of keeping of the bases before installation of electric devices.

The weight of the base of the electrical machine which does not have braking or reversal has to be equal (approximately) desyatikratyony weight of the machine. The area of the base depends on soil, in koyotory the base, and from the sizes of the machine (the plate or skids) with the allowance of 100-250 mm for the party is established.

Таблица 3. Каменная кладка фундаментов и грунты.

Table 3. Stone laying of the bases and soil.

Load of soil is defined by division of total weight of the machine and the funyodament (in kg) on the area of the base (in cm2)

Load of soil should not preyovyshat:

Otherwise the base can settle or be lop-sided.

Рисунок 1. Устройство фундамента для электрического двигателя.

Figure 1. Device of the base for the electric motor.

The general view of the base is given in Fig. 1 where the sizes of fasteners of the machine determine the area of the base. Usually depth of underlay of the base happens 1-1,5 m depending on soil freezing depth. Over the floor surface the bases act on 15-20 cm.

Installation electric ма­шин and adjustment of their situation on the base at the belt pereyodacha is made as follows.

Attach the elektrichesyoky machine to the skids established on the base, but not fixed by bolts.

On the processed surface of skids longwise uklayodyvat leveling instrument and check the prayovilnost of horizontal position of the machine.

Рисунок 2. Схема проверки положения электрической машины.

Figure 2. Scheme of verification of the provision of the electrical machine.

Adjustment of the goriyozontalnost is made by adjustment of steel wedges between skids and the base. The Pravilyyonost of provision of skids in the poperechyony direction is checked by means of the steel ruler and the vateryopas.

Coincidence of averages of the ploskoyosty electric mayoshina of pulleys and transmission check by means of the cord, one end of kotoyory is attached to the outer edge of the transmission pulley.

At prayovilny position of the machine of the point of A. V, S and D (see Fig. 2) will be on one straight line. After this check it is necessary to double-check horizontal position of position of the machine of N to fix skids on the base.

Shaft of directly connected electrical machines have to be not only are parallel, but also to make one straight line.

Рисунок 3. Центровка валов

Figure 3. Lining of shaft.

Machines establish previously "approximately", and then put on the device with two edges the ends of the shaft (see Fig. 3) so that the distance between edges was minimum.

Then shaft of machines turn in one direction and check distance between edges.

If necessary under skids or paws of the machine enclose linings and try to obtain that the gap between device edges at all polozheyoniya of shaft was identical.

After that machines fasten bolts to skids or to the general frame, bolts of the connecting coupling invest and drag on nuts, and then finally double-check installation of machines.

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