What schemes of connection of switches exist: part 2

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Switches happen the most various types: with illuminated indicators, remote, with the regulator of endurance of time, etc.

Well, and our today's publication will be devoted to requests of our readers to tell about some types of switches which can be applied in our dwellings that we, actually, with pleasure also do. Also we will begin our today's story, perhaps, with the most ordinary switch, but in which there is illumination.

Switches with illumination

The illuminated indicator on the switch usually specifies whether this room is lit or not. Usually illuminated indicator is adapted to normal switches. If it is connected between the phase wire and the wire of the reverse current of the lamp on the simple chain of lighting, then it will shine at the extinguished lamp (which is in your lamp). That the illuminated indicator was lit along with the lamp, here it is possible to apply two decisions.

Схема подключения выключателя со световым индикатором.

The scheme of connection of the switch with the illuminated indicator.

The first way can be applied only when replacing your electrical wiring. Here it is about that at distribution of wires to bring the zero wire to the switch.

Then will be to attach enough the illuminated indicator to the zero conductor, and then to the terminal clamp of the wire of the reverse current of the lamp managed by the switch.

The second way consists in using the switch with the illuminated indicator without zero wire. In this case it is connected as the switch at simple lighting.

This illuminated indicator is specially intended by producers for functioning without zero conductor.

Below we provided schemes, options of connection of the switch with the illuminated indicator.


On these schemes two-section AV are used, and in the point of lighting the boss like DCL is used.

The following type of the switch which we will try to consider is the remote switch.

Remote switch

The remote switch is usually used when indoors it is necessary to have more than two points of management of the chain of lighting. With the remote switch the number of points of management of the chain of lighting can be unlimited unless they are equipped with illuminated indicators.

Схема устройства дистанционного выключателя

Scheme of the device of the remote switch.

Here at too large number of indicators with illumination can lead to the fact that the remote switch with high probability will be switched automatically-off (that is AV which is responsible for this chain of lighting will work).

It is possible to manage the remote switch only by means of start buttons (push-button switches). Simple switches can put the remote switch out of action. Further we tried to provide you the scheme of the principle of operation of the remote switch.

If you look at the left part of this image, then will see connection of the single-pole remote circuit-breaker (which we most often use), which disconnects only the phase conductor.

It is also possible to use and bipolar remote switches which allow us to open phase and zero conductors at the same time. This option ensures higher safety.

Remote switches usually are installed in the distribution board (that is well visible on the upper image). But some models of this type of switches are intended for installation out of the distribution board (for example in mounting boxes) to create the chain with the remote switch on the basis of the simple feed circuit.

There are also models of the start buttons adapted for the buried wiring (it is also well visible in the drawing from above). Here the small size of start buttons allows to place them in the normal adjusting box with a diameter of 68 mm.

Below we gave the example of use of remote switches in any room. As you see in this drawing, in installation of this type of switches there is nothing supernew and terrible. All buttons are installed as normal switches. The only thing that all mechanism of management is concentrated in the distribution board.

The following type of the switch is the regulator of endurance of time.

Regulator of endurance of time

Схема подключения выключателя с регулятором выдержки времени

The scheme of connection of the switch with the regulator of endurance of time.

Regulators of endurance of time use generally in apartment houses for management of lighting on landings. But also they can be used also in the private house or in the apartment, for example in the corridor or in the storeroom to the room if that is available for you. This regulator is installed in the distribution board.

As well as the remote switch, the regulator is equipped with contact for management of the chain of your lighting and terminal clamps for control of the coil. Turning on of the lamp happens by means of start buttons to illuminated indicators or without them. Here it is enough to press the button that the lamp in the lamp was lit and burned during desirable time which you set to the regulator. Below we provided you schemes of connection of the regulator of endurance of time to your chain of lighting.

On sale there are regulators with the warning of fast switching off of lighting.

The image of the regulator of endurance of time of Legrand demonstrates as this equipment of separately taken firm manufacturer can look.

Technical characteristics

Schemes of connection of regulators of endurance of time of different models of this firm are given below. We think that further they will render you invaluable service.

The following type of switches - the remote svetoregulyator.

Remote svetoregulyator

Схема подключения многорежимного выключателя с выдержкой времени

The scheme of connection of the multimode switch with endurance of time.

The remote svetoregulyator represents the combination of the regulator of force of lighting and the switch to distance control. Below we provided the scheme of connection of this device. But there is a wish to note that, depending on brands and models, connection can differ from that scheme which is provided by us slightly.

The remote svetoregulyator is established in the distribution board. The most running models give us the chance to regulate force of lighting with a power from 500 to 1000 W. Control is exercised by means of the simple button of switching off. Here short pressing the button will allow you to include or switch off the lighting point. Well, and long pressing causes change of force of lighting. Most often the last pressing the button with the level of lighting remains in memory of the device before the following inclusion.

Remote svetoregulyator are usually equipped with the safety fusible insert inside (but here too there is a wish to note that it depends on manufacturing firm, on the design and technical characteristics of this device).

Схема подключения выключателей

Scheme of connection of switches.

Remote svetoregulyator allow to manage simple glow lamps or halogen lamps for 220 - 230 Century. Some models of this equipment can be used for low-voltage halogen lamps with the electronic or ferromagnetic transformer.

As you understand, these are not all ways of inclusion and switching off of lighting which we can apply. The existing schemes can be collected on the basis of programmable hours, twilight sensors, sensors on the movement and so on, but it is already a few another story.

In conclusion of our today's publication we would like to note one more moment. In our articles for the example we use schemes and the equipment of Legrand. There can be quite reasonable assumption that we are engaged in advertizing of products of this firm and we agitate for its use.

But it absolutely not so. Just this firm is one of the few producers which, in fact, tries to release almost all wiring devices which we can use as required and find in sale in any specialized shop. Besides, products of this firm correspond to the stated price and technical characteristics.

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