What the danger of electricity consists in

And it is valid what the danger of electricity consists in?
Опасность трехфазных электрических цепей с заземленной нейтралью

Danger of three-phase electric circuits with the grounded neutral.

And all this can inventions, and there is nothing dangerous in it? To deal with it, give with you we will look at everything technically. We know that electricity represents, the charged particles ordered moving, such as free electrons, in solid bodies (it belongs to conductors), well and ions in different liquids (electrolytes) and some gases.

They begin the way from the source of electricity where they appeared as a result of performance of the certain work and, having passed on all closed circuit of loading, again come back in the source. But at the travel, these small and charged particles make enormous work as useful, and in certain cases harmful and even dangerous.

Опасность трехфазных электрических цепей с изолированной нейтралью

Danger of three-phase electric circuits with the isolated neutral.

As a result of such movement, electricity partially turns into heating, lighting, plasma, the movement, radiation, radio waves, fields, it is a lot of which the danger of electricity consists. All this of course is favorable to the person, but until moderately and under control. Just as in the nature there are cataclysms and various elements which the unpredictability and by huge force bear in themselves destructions and danger to people.

In the field of electricity there are similar cases when normal process of work is replaced with accidents with incidents therefore we receive various breakdowns of the equipment, the fires, human traumatism and even in certain cases the lethal outcome.

Really these parts which we do not even see can do it and cause danger of electricity in general? There is it it quite on forces. And as there is it, you ask. And it is very simple. It is not the sizes, and in number of electrons and their potential or more precisely potential difference, better known as the concept tension.

Give with you we will try to glance in such processes visually and clearly to understand the essence of all events. At once perhaps I will give the example and I will describe the picture for all this best representation. In life we perfectly understand that all things, seeming to us big, heavy and firm, can generate certain destructions, violations, deformations, effects, etc. during the falling, the throw, the fast movement and collision. And if the thing small and easy, then and there is no danger in it.

Схема электроожога

Scheme of the electroburn.

In relation to electric particles it not so. They initially so dense and firm, fast and enormously powerful that even mentally it will be very difficult to be provided. In that case when they at rest (are not under the influence of the electromotive force), in principle, it is explicit as do not prove except the availability of explicit material things. And they do not bear potential danger. But!

Imagine the general process that occurs at power plants at electricity production. For example, the hydroelectric power station through which there passes big water flow with the huge force that is pressed on big blades of the turbine of the electric generator and as a result by this enormous energy of water, turns into electricity of the same force.

If the power of falling of water from falls can be seen the eye and to imagine all power, then electricity in wires is not present. As a result these capacities on means of small invisible charges in the wire, at reckless speed and in the large number rush directly to the consumer. Provide very strong thread which on the one hand is tied to something, and with another, it is strongly pulled. Here and our charges will be somewhat similar to this thread. They are only means which helps to transmit from one place draft or better to say energy (electric) to other place, covering the long distance, but not losing force.

And until everything corresponds to the calculated parameters and in different electric circuits, everything is in the rated mode, then there will be no accidents. And as soon as, somewhere, something is broken, here at once it is possible to see all power and danger of electricity in general.

All those phenomena which we receive from electricity use can promote in excess quantity or uncontrollable action to negative effects. The greatest part of all accidents, results from the excessive warming up and ignition something and direct passing of the electronic flow through the body of the person. Now I think, it became clear to you how there are emergencies and what the danger of electricity consists in.

P.S.: Be attentive and careful during the work with electricity.

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