Electricity scopes

In this article we will talk about the main opportunities of electricity which it offers us and which we use, occasionally without noticing it.

Принцип работы электрического счетчика

Principle of operation of the electric counter: 1. Current coil (winding); 2. Coil (winding) of tension; 3. The calculating mechanism in the form of the worm gear; 4. The permanent magnet for creation of braking (smoothness) of the course of the disk; 5 — the aluminum disk; Fi. The magnetic flux which is created by loading current; Fu. The magnetic flux which is created by current in the voltage coil.

Thermal effect - it we observe when electric current passes through the material showing resistance and when electrical energy is transformed to thermal. This effect is used for lighting and also for heating.

The chemical effect - occurs during passing of electric current through solution. Between electrodes exchange of electrons begins. Such chemical reaction is called electrolysis. This principle is used in the industry. But this effect needs even studying as if the current flow causes chemical reaction, then also inverse process is possible: chemical reaction can generate electric current. It is enough to arrange us electrolysis in the reservoir, and we will receive the electric battery or the accumulator.

The magnetic effect - in the copper crossing point through which current is passed arises magnetic field thanks to which the arrow, for example, of the compass deviates.

This effect has very broad application too. He allowed to develop such devices as the electric motor, the transformer and so on. But the magnetic effect has also retroaction.


As a result of mechanical rotation of the electric motor electric current is generated. Here it is possible to give the power meter which works by this principle as the example.

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