Choice and laying of the heat-insulated floor

Heat-insulated floors - one of the most successful decisions for ensuring your comfort. If you did not decide on mounting yet or think over heating type, this article will help to decide on the choice.

Схема установки теплого пола

Scheme of installation of the heat-insulated floor.

Advantages of the heat-insulated floor:

  1. Comfort. Cold floors in the winter - not palatable phenomenon. How many you warmed up the house or the apartment, floors become warmer not, warmly always rises up. Having installed the system of heat-insulated floors, you will forget about this problem. Especially it is relevant for families with children.
  2. Convenience of operation.
  3. Practicality, reliability.
  4. The system is imperceptible in the interior.
  5. Even if the heat carrier is not too heated-up, in the house will be warm.

Kinds of heat-insulated floors

The system of the heat-insulated floor can be several types: water, electric and infrared.

Let's consider the principles of work of each of types of heat-insulated floors, differences and features of mounting of the infrared floor.

Water heat-insulated floor

Схема устройства водяного теплого пола

Scheme of the device of the water heat-insulated floor.

The principle of its action is rather simple: plastic pipes on which water circulates keep within on all area of the room. You can regulate temperature at discretion. Such pleasure costs rather not much, however not in each apartment it is possible to lay it. Besides the water heat-insulated floor "eats" about 10 cm of height of the room. Many are afraid also of water leakages, but at competent installation such opportunity is minimized.

Electric heat-insulated floor

The name speaks for itself, it is the electric cable laid in the certain order under the tie. As a rule, the system is stacked on small squares, and at its intensive use you should pay considerable bills on the electric power. These shortcomings can make use of the electric heat-insulated floor inexpedient.

Infrared heat-insulated floor

Схема подключения инфракрасного теплого пола

Scheme of connection of the infrared heat-insulated floor.

Infrared heat-insulated floor, having appeared in the market recently, quickly won popularity. The principle of its action differs from action of the water and electric heat-insulated floor a little: by means of infrared radiation not air, and objects heats up. That is you will feel heat from the floor only when come or you will touch its surface. Mounting of the infrared floor has to be made strictly by rules, it is desirable that it was done by specialists.

There are two types of the infrared floor: rod and film heat-insulated floor. They differ among themselves with features of mounting and operation. For example, the film can be stacked under laminate, linoleum, the carpet, etc. The rod system provides the subsequent tie on which any covering is put. And still the film cannot be put in those places where stationary furniture (cabinets, sofas, etc.) and also in rooms with the increased humidity is provided (in order to avoid hit of water on its surface).

How to mount the infrared heat-insulated floor

Materials and tools:

Work order on mounting of the rod floor

Устройство стержневого пола

Device of the rod floor.

  1. Preparation of the surface. It has to be equal and clean.
  2. Laying of heat-insulating material on the floor. Fasten its sheets among themselves with the adhesive tape.
  3. We begin to put mats near that place where there will be afterwards temperature regulator. Having spread the roll longwise of the room, we cut on the one hand the wire (between flexible rods) and we continue to develop the mat in the opposite direction. We repeat these actions we will not cover all room yet.
  4. We fasten mat rods among themselves and to heat-insulating material.
  5. We connect the mat to the temperature regulator, we establish the temperature sensing device
  6. We do by the knife openings in heat-insulating material (for good coupling of solution with the floor).
  7. We check system, having included it in network.
  8. We do the tie.

Work order on mounting of the film floor

Further actions will depend on what floor covering you are going to put. But it is necessary to start its laying after full drying of the tie.

  1. We count the square on which you will put the film.
  2. We clean and level the surface.
  3. We stack heat-insulating material.
  4. We put film strips at distance from each other of 5 cm, we fix their adhesive tape.
  5. Special clip-on earrings we connect wires, the film and copper tires.
  6. We install the thermal sensor.
  7. We include system in network for check - no more than for 15 minutes.

Now it is possible to put the floor covering. If it is laminate, then under it it is necessary to put the polyethylene film for vapor barrier. If the carpet or linoleum, then are put sheets fibreboards. At first sight to assign the infrared heat-insulated floor in power even to beginners, but in this case there will be so many "reefs" that mounting by the hands can cost very much. Therefore what type of heat-insulated floors you would not choose, first of all consult with specialists.

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