List of outstanding figures of electrical equipment

Авенариус Михаил Петрович (1835—1895)

Avenarius Mikhail Petrovich (1835 — 1895).

Avenarius Mikhail Petrovich (1835 — 1895), rayobotat in the field of thermoelectricity (law Avenayoriusa), published in 1880 the method of crushing of elekyotrichesky light by means of polarizing batayory, consisting of several consistently soyediyonenny voltameters; professor of the Kiev univeryositet, corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

Alexandrov Ivan Gavrilovich (1875 — 1936), directed researches and design the orosheyoniya of lands in Central Asia, since 1920.
cut-ins on the problem of use of Dnieper also suggested to carry out odnoplotinny option for overlapping of all Dnieper thresholds and creation of the powerful hydroelectric station at once, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Ampere André of Mari (1775 — 1836), the French mathematician and the physicist, the founder of the elektrodinamiyoka, established the hypothesis of molecular magnets, current intensity unit is called by his name.

Aparov Boris Petrovich (1899 — 1950), the specialist in the field of electric machine industry, aviation and autotractor electric equipment, the author of the book on asynchronous electromachines, professor of MEI of Molotov.

Д' Arsonval Jacques Arsen (1851 — 1923), the frantsuzyosky physicist and the physiologist, constructed the galvanometer with the motionless magnet and the moving coil, the Parisian Akadeyomiya's member of sciences proyovet researches about application of currents of the high chayostota for the medical purposes.

Белл Александр Грехем (1847—1922)

Bell Alexander Grekhem (1847 — 1922).

Bell Alexander Grekhem (1847 — 1922), the teacher at school of deaf-mutes, took out on March 7, 1876 the patent for electric phone.

Benardos Nikolay Nikolaevich (1842 — 1905), izoyobretatel of electric welding and soldering of metals the electric arc, the inventor of the way of the elektroyolitichesky covering copper of the body of iron vessels, the designer of the combined gazoelektricheyosky soldering iron, for the first time applied the electric arc to cutting of metals under water, the author of the proyekyot of use of the Ivanovo thresholds of the Neva River, the poyochetny electrical engineer.

Bolotov Andrey Timofeyevich (1738 — 1833), izyouchat physiological and biological effect of the elekyotrichestvo on organisms, the pioneer of application of the elekyotrichestvo in the agrotechnology.

Bonch-Bruyevich Mikhail Aleksandrovich (1888 — 1940), the organizer of the Nizhny Novgorod radio laboratory, the inventor of powerful electron tubes, napravlenyony short-wave antennas, the head of works on studying of the ionized stratosphere layers, the stroiyotel and the designer of the first powerful radio stations, the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the profesyosor of LETI of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Boreskov Mikhail Matveevich (1829 — 1898), the voyenyony electrician, the head of the Electrotechnical part of engineering department, the specialist of elektroyominny business, managed the mine part of the Balkan army during the USAn-Turkish war of 1877-1878, the author of the number of books on mine business.

Borgman Ivan Ivanovich (1849 — 1914), carried out works on the research of the magnetic flux and its value in the course of electromagnetic induction of current, professor of the St. Petersburg university.

Buylov Anatoly Yakovlevich (1901 — 1949), speyotsialist on designing, testing and the ekspluayotation of high-voltage circuit-breakers and other vysoyokovoltny equipment, professor of MEI of Molotov.

Буйлов Анатолий Яковлевич (1901—1949)

Buylov Anatoly Yakovlevich (1901 — 1949).

Vavilov Sergey Ivanovich (1891 — 1951), krupyoneyshy Soviet scientist, author of the theory of processes of the luminescence and law of dependence of energy and quantum yield of fluorescence on the wavelength of the exciting light, research supervisor of the State optical institute, Akayodemiya Nauk's president of the USSR.

Vedeneyev Boris Evgenyevich (1885 — 1946), the glavyony engineer of construction of the Dnieper gidroelekyotrichesky station, the participant of construction of the firstborn of the Soviet large hydroelectric stations — the Volkhov gidroyostantion, the editor-in-chief of the Elektriyochestvo magazine, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Velichko Filadelf Kirillovich (1832 — 1898), initiator of the organization of the number of the USAn elektrotekhniyochesky exhibitions, the first chairman of the VI (elektroyotekhnichesky) department of the USAn technical obshcheyostvo.

Voynarovsky Pavel Dmitrievich (1866 —.1913), the prominent electrician, the author of the row for the first time the courses given in USA on electrical equipment, the orgayonizator of the USA's first high-voltage laboratoyoriya on 2х100 000 in (1903), the director and professor of the St. Petersburg electrotechnical institute.

Vologdin Victor Petrovich (1883 — 1950}, osnovoyopolozhnik of arc welding of the body of vessels, author of the book "Deformations and Tension when Welding Ship Designs", professor of the Vladivostok polytechnical institute.

Volta Alessandro (1745 — 1827), Italian фи­зик, the founder of the doctrine about galvanism, constructed the condenser, "the voltaic column", the galvanic eleyoment and offered the explanation to the nature of the animal elekyotrichestvo opened for Galvani, professor of the universiyotet in Pavia.

Воронов Александр Александрович (1860—1938)

Voronov Alexander Aleksandrovich (1860 — 1938).

Voronov Alexander Aleksandrovich (1860 — 1938), the specialist in the field of electrical machines, LETI profesyosor of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Woolf Alexander Viktorovich (1864 — 1923), speyotsialist in the field of electric draft, took part in creation of the plan of GOELRO, professor of LPI of Kalinin.

Woolf Alexander Aleksandrovich (1895 — 1947), rayobotat in the field of transfer of electrical energy and stability of work of electric systems, LPI proyofessor of Kalinin.

Gakkel Yakov Modestovich (1874 — 1945), spetsiayolist in the field of electric draft, the designer and the builder first-ever powerful the diesel-elektroyovoza, professor of LETI of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Galvani Luigi (1737 — 1798), the Italian doctor, found the phenomenon of start of muscles of the lyayogushka at touch of the knife to them at the time of the razyoryad of the electrical machine, the creator of the theory of zhiyovotny electricity, professor of the university in Boyolonye.

Gauss Karl Friedrich (1777 — 1855), German ма­тематик and the astronomer, made many observations over terrestrial magnetism, together with Weber razraboyotat the system of absolute electric units, unit of magnetic induction is called by his name.

Henry Joseph (1797 — 1878), opened the kolebatelyyony capacitor discharge, conducted researches of the inyoduktion and self-induction of contours, his name of the nayozvan self-induction unit, the director of Smitsoniyevsky institute in Washington.

Герц Генрих Рудольф (1857—1894)

Hertz Heinrich Rudolph (1857 — 1894).

Hertz Heinrich Rudolph (1857 — 1894), German фи­зик, for the first time experimentally received the elektromagyonitny fluctuations which received application in besproyovolochny telegraphy, investigated properties of elektroyomagnitny fluctuations and professor of the Bonnyosky university established compliance to their theoretical conclusions of Maxwell.

Gilbert William (1544 — 1603), the English doctor, wrote the research "About the Magnet, Magnetic Bodies and about the Big Magnet to Earth", magnetopropellent unit is called by his name.

Glagoleva-Arkadyeva Aleksandra Andreevna (1884 — 1945), by means of the "mass radiator" invented by her received electromagnetic waves dliyony in 80 microns, professor of the Moscow univeryositet.

Gram Zinoviy Teofil (1826 — 1901), the izobretayotel of the electrical machine with the ring anchor.

Graftio Heinrich Osipovich (1869 — 1949), энерге­тик, the builder of the largest hydroelectric power stations, peryovenets of the Soviet hydroconstruction — Volkhov and

Lower Svirskoy, member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and proyofessor of LETI it Ulyanova (Lenina).

Грузинов Илья Егорович (1781 — 1813)

Georgians Ilya Egorovich (1781 — 1813).

Georgians Ilya Egorovich (1781 — 1813), in 1804 under the leadership of V.V. Petrov wrote to Medikokhirurgichesky academy the thesis to SPB "About galvanism and its use in doctoring", professor of the Moscow university.

Des Prez Marcel (1843 — 1918), French мате­матик and the electrician, constructed in 1882 the vysokoyovoltny transmission line of the direct current Munich - Misbakh 57 km long. the member of the Parisian Academy of Sciences worked in the field of the theory of electrical machines.

Dmitriyev Vladimir Vladimirovich (mind. in 1946), managed in 1899 power plant мощно­стью 500 hp in St. Petersburg since 1899 there began lecturing in the Leningrad electrotechnical instiyotut at the rate of power plants, the author of the works "Bases of Design of the Central Power Plants" and "Electric Distribution of Mekhanicheyosky Energy", professor of LETI of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Joule Dzhems Prescott (1818 — 1899), the angliyyosky physicist, defined the mechanical equivalent of the tepyol and along with E. X. Established by Lenz the law of thermal action of current - "Lenz Joule law".

Didrikhson Vasily Fedorovich (1851 — 1930), in the early seventies by request A.N. Lodygin sobstyovennoruchno produced for him the first lamps of the nakayolivaniye, the first applied preparation of coal threads by calcinating them in gasoline vapors.

Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Mikhail Osipovich (1862 — 1919), the founder of the equipment of the three-phase current, the inventor of the asynchronous electric motor, three-phase transformer, voltage divider, the phasemeter, deion grid and the builder of the first-ever three-phase transmission line Lauffen - Frankfurt am Main 175 km long at linear stress of 15 000 century.

Egorov Nikolay Grigoryevich (1849 — 1919), seen USAn electrician of the end of the last century, initsiayotor of convocation of the I All-USAn electrotechnical congress, professor of the Warsaw university, and zayoty Army medical college.

Zhdanov Pyotr Sergeyevich (1903 — 1949), the author of the moyonografiya "Stability of parallel work of elekyotrichesky systems", the author of the courses "Stability of Electrical Systems", "Network Circuits and Systems", "Pereyodach of electrical energy on far distances", professor of MEI of Molotov.

Kalantarov Pavel Lazarevich (1892 — 1951), isyosledovat the phenomena in nonlinear electric це­пях, containing iron and capacity, the author of the book "Theory of Alternating Currents" and "Theoretical Osnoyova of Electrical Equipment" professor of LPI of Kalinin.

Kanter Abram Samoylovich (1880 — 1948), the author of the computational method of permanent magnets taking into account influence of reaction of the anchor and influence of currents of short zamyyokaniye and the designer of electrical machines with postoyanyony magnets, professor of MEI of Molotov.

Каразин Василий Назарович (1773—1842)

Karazin Vasily Nazarovich (1773 — 1842).

Karazin Vasily Nazarovich (1773 — 1842), osnoyovatel of the Kharkiv university, worked in oblayost of use of atmospheric electricity for the purposes of agriculture and the electroculture of plants.

Kasyanov Vladimir Tikhonovich (1888 — 1952), the author more than 40 printing works on electrical machines, participated in design of gidrogenerayotor for the largest hydroelectric power stations of the Union, the winner of the Stalin award for creation of powerful machines of the direct current, professor of LETI of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Kirchhoff Gustav Robert (1824 — 1887), the German physicist, established the laws of course of current in elektriyochesky chains called by his name invented the spektyoralny analysis and, using this method, rubidium and caesium opened elements.

Klasson Robert Eduardovich (1868 — 1926), izoyobretatel of the hydraulic way of extraction of peat, the builder of power plants in Baku, Shatura and at Okhtensky powder mills, the participant of works of the koyomissiya of GOELRO, the process engineer.

Konstantinov Konstantin Ivanovich (1817 — 1871), the pioneer in the field of electroautomatic equipment, the izobreyotatel of the first-ever electroballistic ustayonovka for determination of flying speed of the shell and the electric equipment for the remote upravyoleniye.

Krasin Leonid Borisovich (1870 — 1926), inzheyoner, the builder of power plants in Baku, the vpoyosledstviye the National commissioner of foreign trade, the process engineer.

Circle Karl Adolfovich (1873 — 1952), one of orgayonizator of electrotechnical specialization in MVTU where in 1905 began reading the course "Equipment of Alternating Currents". The founder and the first director of the State experimental electrotechnical institute (nowadays VEI of Lenin), the profesyosor of the Moscow power institute of Molotov, the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Кулон Шарль Огюст (1736—1806)

Coulomb Charles August (1736 — 1806).

Coulomb Charles August (1736 — 1806), the French physicist, invented torsion balances and established the law of interaction друх electrified bodies and magyonit, Coulomb's law.

Kurbatov Sergey Ivanovich (1885 — 1934), spetsiayolist on machines of the direct current and electric draft, the author of numerous works after the elektrotekhyonik, professor of MVTU.

Curie Pierre and Maria (1859 — 1906) and (1867 — 1934), the French physics, opened the pyezoelektriyochestvo phenomenon in crystals both radioactive elements of poyoloniya and radium.

Lachinov Dmitry Aleksandrovich (1842 — 1902), for the first time in the world theoretically proved the opportunity and rationality of transfer of electrical energy on far distances, the author of the industrial method of getting of hydrogen by electrolysis, one of osyonovatel of the VI department of RTO, professor Peterburgskoyogo of forest institute.

Lebedev Pyotr Nikolaevich (1866 — 1912), worked on the electromagnetism research, eksperimentalyyono proved the phenomenon of pressure of light and subjects podtveryodit the electromagnetic theory of light, professor of the Mosyokovsky university investigated the priyoroda of sub-frequency sound waves.

Lebedinsky Vladimir Konstantinovich (1865 - 1937), the pioneer of practical radio engineering, the propagandist and the popular writer of problems of electrical equipment, the author of the first USAn work on radio engineering, professor of the St. Petersburg university.

Lenz Emily Khristianovich (1804 - 1865), generalized experiments on electromagnetic induction, having stated this generalization in the form of the Lenz rule, proved the principle of reversibility of electrical machines - teoreyotichesk and experimentally, Lenz Joule law, the author of the first-ever work on the research of the magnetoelectric machine established dependence of amount of heat which is marked out in the conductor when passing on it of current, established the phenomenon of reaction of the anchor and the member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences and the rector of the St. Petersburg university offered it the correct explanation.

Лодыгин Александр Николаевич (1847—1923)

Lodygin Alexander Nikolaevich (1847 — 1923).

Lodygin Alexander Nikolaevich (1847 — 1923), the inventor of the glow lamp, suggested to apply molybdenum and tungsten, the founder of the electrothermie to filament.

Lomonosov Mikhail Vasilyevich (1711 — 1765), the ancestor of the USAn science, the founder the izucheyoniya in USA of the electric phenomena, the author "Words about the phenomena air, from electric force proyoiskhodyashchy", established identity of atmospheric electricity and electricity of friction, the founder of the Moscow university, the St. Petersburg Akadeyomiya's member of sciences.

Lorenz Gendrik Anton (1853 — 1928), the German physicist, the founder of the electronic theory, received in 1902. The Nobel Prize on physics, professor in Leiden.

Maxwell Dzhems Clark (1831 — 1879), the angliyyosky physicist, the founder of the electromagnetic teoyoriya, gave the equations of the electromagnetic field, teoreyotichesk proved existence of electromagnetic waves, pressure of light and the electromagnetic nature of light, professor of the Cambridge universiyotet saw off work on creation of the kinetic gas theory.

Mandelstam Leonid Isaakovich (1879 — 1944), worked in the field of high-frequency nonlinear koleyobaniye, the founder of new science — radio geodesy, conducted researches of molecular dispersion of light, together with N.D. Papaleksi the parametyorichesky generator, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR created.

Margolin Naftaly Fayvelevich (1887 — 1941) was directly involved in the proyektirovayoniya of the number of power plants and power supply networks, the author of the moyonografiya "Short-circuit currents and currents in the zemyol", professor of MEI of Molotov.

Mitkevich Vladimir Fedorovich (1872 — 1951), rayobotat on the research of processes in the electric arc, the author of the fundamental work "Magnetic Flux and Its Transformation", for the first time suggested to carry out arc electric welding by the three-phase toyok, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, professor of LPI of Kalinin.                           

Ом Георг Симон (1787—1854)

Ohm Georg Simon (1787 — 1854).

Ohm Georg Simon (1787 — 1854), the German physicist, in 1827 there was its work "Mathematical processing of the galvanic chain" in which the fundamental law of dependence of current on applied voltage and resistance of the chain, by his name of the nayozvan resistance unit is stated.

Papaleksi Nikolay Dmitrievich (1880 — 1947), specified the way of designing of generators of high frequency, together with L.I. Mandelshtamomsozdalparametrichesky the generator, the organizer of the proizvodyostvo in USA the first трехэлектродныхрадиоламп, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Petrov Vasily Vladimirovich (1761 — 1834), the father of the USAn electrical equipment, opened the phenomenon of the elektricheyosky arch and pointed to the possibility of its application for lighting, investigated the fosforestsenyotion problem, showed electric melting and electric welding of metals, the member S. - the St. Petersburg Academy the naukiprofessor of medico-surgical academy.

Petrushevsky Fedor Fomich (1828 — 1904), bliyozhayshy employee and successor E. X. Laziness in SPB the university, the chairman of RTO, the author of the book "Eksyoperimentalny and Practical Course of Electricity" published in 1876, professor of SPB of the university.

Pirotsky Fedor Appolonovich (1845 — 1898), proyovodit in SPB in 1876 experiments on transfer of the elektriyochesky anergiya on railway rails on distance to 4 km, the author of the article "About Water Work Transfer, as Engine, on Any Distance by means of the Galvanic Current" printed in 1877 in "The engineering magazine" constructed in 1880 the first-ever pilot line of the electric tram.

Pisarevsky Nikolay Grigoryevich (1821 — 1895), the first director of the St. Petersburg electrotechnical institute, directed laying of the submarine cable through the Caspian Sea on the route Krasnovodsk — Absheron.

Polivanov Mikhail Konstantinovich (1875 - 1927), the prominent electrician, the builder of the Moscow tram, in 1914 developed the project of construction of the subway in Moscow, professor of MVTU.

Popov Alexander Stepanovich (1859 — 1906), izoyobretatel of wireless telegraph, found the shielding action and reflection of radio signals metal objects on which principle the radar-location, professor and the director of the St. Petersburg electrotechnical instiyotut (nowadays LETI) of Ulyanov (Lenin) developed afterwards.

Popov Vladimir Konstantinovich (1895 — 1948), the largest worker in the field of electric equipment of the industrial enterprises, one of founders of rusyosky school of the electric drive, the author of the work "Primeneyoniye of Electric Motors in the Industry", professor of LPI of Kalinin.

X-ray Wilhelm Conrad (1850 — 1923), the neyometsky physicist opened H-beams, the called vposledstyoviya his name, made researches of the dielectrics placed in magnetic field, professor in the Würzburg and Munich.

Rikhman George Wilhelm (1711 — 1753), the USAn physicist, since 1745 began to conduct works on electricity in USA, designed "Index", opisanyony it in the treatise "The Electric Index and Its Use when Determining Electric Yavleyoniya Artificial and Natural", was killed with the molyoniya during experiences over the atmospheric elektricheyostvo, the member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

Rozing Boris Lvovich (1869 — 1933), izobretayotel of the cathode television, professor of Peterburgyosky institute of technology.

Rumkorf Heinrich Daniel (1803 — 1877), the nemetsyoky electrician, the inventor of the induction kayotushka called by his name.

Рыбкин Петр Николаевич (1864—1948)

Rybkin Pyotr Nikolaevich (1864 — 1948).

Rybkin Pyotr Nikolaevich (1864 — 1948), the blizhayyoshy assistant to the inventor of radio A.S. Popov, opened the way of reception of radiotelegraphic signals aurally by means of the receiver.

Slavyanov Nikolay Gavrilovich (1854 — 1897), in the seventies built electrical machines at the Botkin plant and Motovilikh, produced regulators for arc lamps and lit workshops of the plants by means of the arc lamps, razyorabotat the method of electric heating of castings and steel pigs for the purpose of reduction of the shrinkable sink, invented arc electric welding by the metallic electrode under the layer of gumboil as which he applied beaten glass, constructed the first semiautomatic device for arc welding.

Skrzhinsky Czeslaw Kipriyanovich (1849 — 1912), the engineer, the employee of office P.I. Yablochkova in Payorizhe, in 1879 lit with Yablochkov's candles the Ryazanyosky station in Moscow and the station square, since 1883 there was the senior electrician of power plant in Moscow, the active participant of works of the VI department of the USAn technical society.

Smirnov Alexander Ivanovich (1851 — 1911), the chairman of RTO, the builder of power plants of the Gatchina and Winter palaces and power plants of Mariinsky and Mikhaylovsky theaters in Peteryoburg.

Smurov Alexander Antonovich (1884 — 1937), the seen specialist of the equipment of high tension, the author of schemes of protection against retension in network circuits, the founder of high-voltage laboratory in LETI, the member Gosplana of the USSR, professor of LETI of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Stoletov Alexander Grigoryevich (1839 — 1896), investigated and explained the nature of the external fotoefyofekt, made the first photo cell, developed the exact method of measurement of speed of electromagnetic processes, the pioneer in the research of magnetic properties of iron, professor of the Moscow university.

Tolvinsky Václav Aleksandrovich (1887 — 1952), participated in design of the number of the largest gidroyoelektrostantion of the USSR, the author over 60 printing truyod on electrical machines. Professor of LPI of Kalinin, the consultant of the Elektrosila plant of Kirov, the honored worker of science and technology.

Ugrimov Boris Ivanovich (1872 — 1941), the organiyozator of laboratory of high tension at Institute of the national economy of Plekhanov, the author of books on electrical equipment and electrical machines, the profesyosor.

Umov Nikolay Alekseyevich (1846 — 1915), the physicist, output the theorem of amount of the energy passing че­рез the element of the surface of the body in unit of time (1874); the author of the principle according to which on the spekyotr of light beams it is possible to judge the substance which scattered light; developed the theory of geomagnetism, the proyofessor of the Moscow university.

Usagin Ivan Filippovich (1855 — 1919), in 1882 for the first time showed the possibility of application of peyoremenny current not only for the electric osveyoshcheniye, but also for its transformation into mechanical energy and for the purposes of heating, the issledovayoniya of the cathode beams, the laboratory assistant of the Moscow uniyoversitet saw off.

Faraday Mikhail (1791 — 1867), the English ucheyony, established laws of electrolysis, found the vrayoshcheniye of the conductor with current around the pole of the postoyanyony magnet, the chairman of the London royal obyoshchestvo opened the phenomenon of the electromagnetic inyoduktion.

Franklin Benjamin (1706 — 1799), worked in the field of studying of atmospheric electricity, gave theoretical justification of action of the Leyden jar.

Fouco-Zhai-Berner Leon (1819 — 1868), the frantsuzyosky physicist, invented the gyroscope and developed its teoyoriya, found the phenomenon of heating of the iron masses rotated in magnetic field and established poyavleyony in them whirling currents.

Хвольсон Орест Данилович (1852—1934)

Hvolson Orestes Danilovic (1852 — 1934).

Hvolson Orestes Danilovich (1852 — 1934), the izvestyony USAn physicist, the author of many works on the elekyotrichestvo and magnetism, the author of the fundamental ruyokovodstvo on physics translated into foreign languages, the honorary member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the profesyosor of the Leningrad university.

Holuyanov Fedor Ivanovich (mind. in 1936), the rukoyovoditel of department of electrical machines of Leningradyosky electrotechnical institute, the author of the first USAn textbooks on electrical machines, LETI proyofessor of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Khrushchev Vasily Mikhaylovich (1882 — 1941), the krupyony scientist in the field of power industry, the author over 60 works on the theory and calculation of electrical machines and networks, the member of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR.

Chernyshev Alexander Alekseyevich (1882 — 1940), worked in the field of the high tension, the vysokochayostotny equipment and radio engineering, the organizer of Elekyotrofizichesky institute, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Chikolev Vladimir Nikolaevich (1845 — 1898), the inventor of the arc lamp with the differential regulator, the pioneer of the USAn military electrical equipment and lighting engineering author of the photographic method of the proyoverka of reflectors of searchlights, the initiator of the Politekhyonichesky exhibition of 1872 in Moscow, osushcheyostvit the first the electric actuator, one of founders of the Elektrichestvo and the VI magazine of department of the USAn tekhyonichesky society.

Shenfer Claudius Ippolitovich (1885 — 1946), the vidyoneyshy specialist in the field of switching of elektricheyosky machines, the author of many inventions, including the "metadin" allowing to exercise bezreostatyony start-up and control traction elektrodvigatelyayom, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and professor of MEI of Molotov.

Shilling Pavel Lvovich (1786 — 1837), the izobreyotatel of electromagnetic telegraph and the way of the vzryyovaniye of mines by means of electricity, the member-korresyopondent of the USAn Academy of Sciences.

Shorin Alexander Fedorovich (1890 — 1941), the famous inventor in the field of wire communication and sound cinema, constructed the telegraph with the typewriter keyboard, professor of Leninyogradsky electrotechnical institute of Ulyanov (Lenin).

Shpakovsky Alexander Ilyich (1823 — 1881), constructed the arc lamp with the automatic peremeyoshcheniye of coals called by it "the electric sun", successfully applied it in 1856 at illumination of the square in front of the Lefortovo palace.

Shuleykin Mikhail Vasilyevich (1884 — 1939), the largest USAn radio technician, found the sushchestyovovaniye of side strips at radio telephony, the author of the theory of radio networks and the formula of the broadcast along the land surface, the member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Edison Thomas Alvah (1847 — 1931), usovershenyostvovat the glow lamp of A.N. Lodygin, poyostroit the first large scale power station in 1882, found unipolar conductivity in the elektroyolampa when thread is heated. Objected to the alternating-current primeyoneniye.

Epinus Franz Ulrich Theodor (1724 — 1802), the rusyosky physicist, put forward the idea about communication of the electric and magnetic phenomena, the member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

Erstedt Hans of Christians (1777 — 1851), laid the foundation of studying of electromagnetism, the author of work "The experiences concerning action of the electric conflict on the magnetic needle".

Яблочков Павел Николаевич (1847—1894)

Yablochkov Pavel Nikolaevich (1847 — 1894).

Yablochkov Pavel Nikolaevich (1847 — 1894), izoyobretatel of "Yablochkov's candle", the new system of the raspreyodeleniye of electric current by means of induktsiyoonny coils, the founder of application of pereyomenny current in practical electrical equipment, the izobreyotatel of the transformer and the creator of the termoelektricheyosky element, the companion of the chairman of the VI department of the USAn technical society and one of osnovayotel of the Elektrichestvo magazine.

Jacobi Boris Semyonovich (1801 — 1874), izobretayotel of the first electric motor with direct rotation of the shaft, collector for straightening of current, galvanoplasty, pointer and electromagnetic writing telegraphs and also the first-ever letterprinting telegraph, opened emergence of the return э. of page at rotation of the anchor of the electric motor, for the first time was carried out dvizheyony the boat by means of electrical energy, by the member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.


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50 years of LETI of V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin).

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