How will static protection be organized?

Dangerous potentials of the static electricity are formed at the movement of neprovodyayoshchy liquids or dust on pipelines with the speed over 0,7 — 1 m/s at their draining filling.

Накопление статического электричества

Accumulation of the static electricity.

The risk of explosion arises when at electrostatic discharge energy of the spark exceeds the minimum energy of ignition of vzryvoopasyony mix.

In order that on processing equipment not появля­лись dangerous potentials of the static electricity, apply the following measures of protection. Metal parts of the equipment zayozemlyat. Increase conductivity of moving materials and materials of which it is made technology oborudovayony by the covering or additive to them of the carrying-out components. Humidify the environment filling devices for increase in its conductivity. Purify gases from the weighed liquid and tveryody particles, and liquids — from pollution with colloid particles. In rooms where the static elektriyochestvo can be formed, arrange electroconductive floors.

Protection against the drift of potential and lightning currents

Рисунок 1. Схема молниезащиты взрывоопасных помещений

Figure 1. Scheme of lightning protection of explosive rooms.

On wires of transmission lines, pipelines, rails the drift of lightning currents and high atmospheric potentials to vzryvoopasyony rooms is possible. According to PUE, these rooms have to be protected from such danger. 3 categories of measures of protection are established.

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