What protective measures in electric units?

The electrical safety of the operating electric units has to be provided with performance of organizational and technical actions and also application of technical ways and means of protection.

Классификация электротехнического и электронного оборудования

Classification of electrotechnical and electronic instrumentation.

Organizational actions include:

Technical actions at work in the operating electric units with the dump include:

Изолирующие электрозащитные средства

The isolating electroprotective equipment: and - the isolating bar; - the index of tension; in - electric pincers; - dielectric gloves, boats, galoshes; - rubber rugs and paths; д - the isolating support, е - tools with handles.

Organizational and technical actions when performing work on the current carrying parts which are energized or near them include:

Ensuring electrical safety with technical ways and means has to be reached by application:

Technical ways and means of protection apply separately or in their combination so that optimum protection was provided.

The technical ways and means of protection providing electrical safety have to be established taking into account:

Классификация изолирующих электрозащитных средств

Classification of the isolating electroprotective equipment.

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