How to ground electric equipment?

Not so long ago we also did not dream that new technologies, and together with them and modern electric equipment will promptly rush into our life. We could provide only in the dream that we in the house will have the dishwasher, the washing machine automatic machine, the electric water heater, the conditioner, the hydromassage cabin and many other things.

Схема защитного заземления в разрезе

The scheme of protective grounding in the section.

We with pleasure buy to ourselves the latest achievements of science and technology and we do not think and whether our power supply system is ready (the electrical wiring, the electric board, sockets) to accept all these gifts of human mind.

After you bought modern electric equipment and got it home, you are waited by disappointments: you have no socket with the grounding contact, there is no automatic cut for protection of the equipment. You nervously look for the exit from this situation, call acquaintances, friends, keep ringing in the service centers with the request for the help.

Let's inspect together your electrical wiring, the electric board and we will try to make everything.

Схема подключения для сетей с системой заземления TN-C

The scheme of connection for networks with TN-C grounding system.

First of all it is necessary to learn what introduction cable is laid from the interfloor board to the apartment whether this cable is capable to sustain increase in power. If you do not have in the apartment of the power board as it is established on the landing, and in the interfloor board there is not enough place and it is not expected installation of additional automatic cuts, then you will need to establish the room board and to carry out electric installation work on laying of the input cable to it.

Imagine that you take the shower when the half of the area has no hot water (preventive shutdown for 14 days) and instead of pleasure you receive the cheerfulness charge in 220 Century from water procedures. For safe use of electric equipment ( the dishwasher, the washing machine, the electric water heater, the conditioner, the hydromassage cabin, sockets, lamps, etc.) it without fail is required to be grounded.

Qualitatively to connect electric equipment and to ground it, it is necessary to have in the apartment board the grounding tire of "PE" (the block for connection of veins of grounding).

Let's say that such tire in the board is available, but the socket to which you are going to connect your electric equipment, without the grounding contact. You should install the socket with the grounding contact, to lay the cable from the board to it.

Схема заземления трансформатора

Grounding diagram of the transformer.

It is not obligatory to shtrobit walls for cable laying, it is possible to mount beautifully the box and to lay there the cable. It is forbidden to hide the cable under the plinth, for this purpose there is the plinth about the cable channel.

So, you installed the socket with the grounding contact, laid the cable in boxes, mounted in the board the automatic cut for your electric equipment according to loadings and calmed down. In total! It is possible to connect! Hold your horses. Even after grounding of your electric equipment sanitary rooms and shower (bathroom) remain dangerous rooms for use of household devices and electric equipment.

All rooms with the increased humidity are subject to additional grounding (equalizing of potentials). For protection against defeat by electric current we advise you to use the differential automatic machine (дифавтомат) or the device of protective shutdown (DPS). It is desirable to install one device of protection of DPS on one electric equipment.

  1. Andrey

    The following elements-1 have to be without fail connected to the contour of alignment of potentials. Metal armature of floors.-2. Metal frames of doors, windows and ventilating apertures.-3. Openings of controlled mechanical ventilation, if main air duct metal.-4. Metal plumbing fixtures.-5. Metal pipes for the supply of cold, hot water, withdrawal of the sewerage.-6. Pipes of central heating and other heating elements, even the heated towel rail.-7. Electric sockets, lamps / if they 220v and even if they are established on the ceiling/, heating devices / except the class II/and of the body of all metal toilet шкафоф. There are 2 types of execution of the contour of alignment of potentials.-1. Normal with the broach of all cables to the ladder board.-2. Use of the special connection box in the nutria of the room. Connection is carried out the next ways.-1. Screwing up to metal plugs.-2. Welding to previously smoothed out place.-3. Accession to the pipe by means of the collar.

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