Переносные средства защиты: заземления и ограждения
Figurative means of protection: grounding and barriers

Figurative temporary protective zayozemleniye — the most well-tried remedy of protection during the work on the disconnected sites of the equipment in case of wrong giving of tension on the disconnected site. For protection can also use and temporary figurative barriers.

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Когда появились первые молниеотводы?
When there were first lightning arresters?

In 1753 Mr. Benjamin Franklin invents the lightning arrester. He showed the first the electric nature of the lightning by means of the well-known "experiment with the kite".

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Монтаж вертикальных заземлителей
Mounting of vertical grounding conductors

The mounting mode of vertical grounding conductors depends on dimensions of electrodes of grounding, character of soil and its state during mounting and some other important factors.

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Что такое зануление?
What is nulling?

Nulling limits time of influence of current for the person and reduces touch tension. The zero protective conductor is used for the power supply of the electric unit.

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Что такое защитное заземление?
What is the protective grounding?

Protective grounding is the deliberate electrical connection with the earth of metal not current carrying parts which can appear energized. What its scope?

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Как заземлить электрооборудование?
How to ground electric equipment?

Qualitatively to connect electric equipment and to ground it, it is necessary to have in the apartment board the grounding tire of "PE" (the block for connection of veins of grounding).

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Как сделать заземление?
How to make grounding?

It is desirable that the ground loop was located near the grounded electric unit (the power board). All connections of the ground loop are carried out by welding.

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