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At the beginning of 1981 the author * the device for preparation of "live" and "dead" water got sick with inflammation of kidneys and adenoma of the prostate gland owing to what he was put in urological department of the Stavropol medical institute. In this department more than a month lay. When adenomas suggested to perform on it operation, he refused and was written out. Being still the patient, it within 3 days completed the device for receiving "live" and "dead" water about which article Latyshev V. M. was published in the Izobretatel I Ratsionalizator magazine for 1981 - 2 under the heading "Unexpected Water", and there was the interview of the special correspondent Yu. Egorov with the academician of AN UZSSR Vakhidovym under the heading "The Activated Water Is Perspective".

Схема прибора для получения живой и мёртвой воды

The circuitry of the instrument for receiving live and dead water.

He carried out the first testing of the received water for not healing more than 6 months to the son's hand wound. The carried-out test of treatment exceeded any expectations: the wound on the hand of the son healed on second day. He began to drink "live" water on 0,5 glasses before food 3 times a day and felt cheerfulness. PZh adenoma in the week disappeared, there passed radiculitis and the tumor of legs.

For bigger persuasiveness after the week of intake of "live" water it underwent inspection in policlinic with all analyses in which any disease was not found, pressure was normalized. Once his neighbor scalded the hand boiled water, the burn of the 3rd degree. For treatment she used the "live" and "dead" water received by it, and the burn in 2 days disappeared.

At the son of his acquaintance, the engineer Goncharov, within 6 months the gum suppurated, in the throat abscess was formed. Application of different ways of treatment did not yield desirable result. For treatment it recommended water: 6 times a day to rinse "dead" water the throat and the gum, and after to accept inside on the glass of "live" water. As a result - the absolute recovery of the boy within 3 days.

The author inspected more than 600 people with different diseases, and all of them were on the mend at treatment by the activated water. The description of the device which allows to receive "live" (alkaline) and "dead" (acid) water of any fortress is included below. The carried-out testing of water in laboratory of the Stavropol water utility ("live" - the strength of 11,4 units and "dead" - 4,21 units) was shown that fortress in the month decreased on the 100-th shares of unit, and temperature does not influence decrease of the activity of water.

Tests of the activated water by the author on themselves and on family members and many people gave the chance to the author to make the practical table of procedures of treatment of the number of diseases, to determine terms of treatment and to trace the course and the nature of recovery.

(We advise not to self-medicate without consultation of the attending physician).

Use of "live" and "dead" water for treatment of the number of diseases

payment order No.

Name of the disease

Order of the carried-out procedures



Adenoma to appear. glands

Within 5 days to accept 4 times a day in 30 min. prior to food on 0,5 glasses - water In 3-4 days slime is emitted, there is no desire to urinate often, for the 8th days the tumor passes



Within 3 days of 5 times a day after the meal to rinse the throat of "M" water and after each rinsing to drink 0,25 glasses of water Temperature decreases in the first day, for the 3rd days the disease stops


Pain in joints of hands and legs

3 times a day before food to accept on 0,5 glasses of "M" of water within 2 days Pain stops in the 1st day


Inflammation of the liver

Within 4 days a day to accept 4 times on 0,5 glasses of water. And, in the 1st day - only "M", and in the subsequent - water.


Inflammatory processes, the closed abscesses, furuncles

Within 2 days to put the compress moistened with the water which is warmed up by "M" to the inflamed site Mending happens within 2 days



Within 1-2 days to wash out cracks of "M" water in the morning, and then to put tampons with water, changing them in process of drying Bleedings stop, cracks begin to live within 2-3 days



To accept during the day 2 times on 0,5 glasses of "M" of water Pressure is normalized



During the day 2 times to accept 0,5 glasses of water Pressure is normalized


Purulent wounds

Wound to wash out "M" water, and in 3-5 minutes to moisten with water, then 5-6 times a day to moisten only with water Within 5-6 days there is the healing



To drink 0,5 glasses of "M" of water Pain passes in 30-50 min.



During the day 8 times to rinse the nose and the mouth of "M" water, and for the night to drink 0,5 glasses of water During the day flu disappears


Smell of legs

To wash up warm water of the leg, to wipe dry, to moisten "M" with water, and in 10 minutes water and to allow to dry The unpleasant smell will disappear



To rinse the oral cavity of "M" water within 5-10 min. Pain disappears



To drink 0,5 glasses of water Heartburn stops



Within 2 days to drink 4 times a day after the meal 0,5 glasses of water Cough stops



To warm up "M" and water to 37-40ºС and for the night to syringe "M" water, and in 15-20 min. to syringe water. To repeat the procedure 2-3 days. After one procedure the colpitis passes


Hygiene of the person

In the morning and in the evening after washing to wipe the face downloaded "M" water, then water Dandruff vanishes, spots, the person becomes more gentle


Deprive, eczema

Within 3-5 days the affected area to moisten "M" with water and to allow to dry out then 5-6 times a day to moisten with water. (In the morning to moisten "M", and in 10-15 min. Water and 5-6 more times within a day) Recovers in 3-5 days


Washing of hair

To wash up the head with shampoo, to wipe, moisten hair of "M" with water, and in 3 minutes water Dandruff vanishes, hair become softer



In the presence of bubbles-vodyanok they need to be punctured, the affected area to moisten "M" with water, and in 5 minutes water. Then within a day 7-8 times to moisten with water. Procedures to spend 2-3 days Burns heal in 2-3 days


The swelled-up hands

Within 3 days accept water on 4 times a day in 30 min. prior to food: the 1st day - water "M" on 0,5 glasses; the 2nd day - 0,75 glasses of "M" of water, the 3rd day - 0,5 glasses of water The tumor falls down, there is no pain



To drink 0,5 glasses of "M" of water if within the hour the diarrhea does not stop, the procedure to repeat Belly-ache stops in 20-30 minutes


Cut, prick, gap

To wash out the wound of "M" water and to tie up The wound heals within 1-2 days


Neck cold

To make the compress moistened in warm with "M" to water on the neck and to drink 4 times a day 0,5 glasses before food Cold passes within 1-2 days



During the day 3 times before food to drink 3/4 glasses of water Pain passes within a day, sometimes in 20-40 min.


Expansion of veins, bleeding from the become torn nodes

To wash out the blown-up and bleeding parts of the body of "M" water then to moisten the gauze piece with water and to put to the blown-up sites of veins. To inside accept 0,5 glasses of "M" of water, and in 2-3 hours to begin reception on 0,5 glasses of water with intervals 4 hours 4 times a day. To repeat the procedure within 2-3 days


Sterilization and disinfection

Any objects, vegetables, fruit moisten or wipe with the tampon, the wetted in "M" to water


Removal of the died-off skin with the foot of legs

In soap water to steam legs, to wash them in warm water, then, without wiping, to wet legs in the water which is warmed up by "M", rubbing sites with outgrowths, to remove the died-off skin, to wash out legs in the warmed-up water, to wipe dry


Improvement of health, normalization of the organism

In the morning and in the evening after meal to rinse the mouth of "M" water and to drink 0,5 glasses of water alkalinity of 6-7 pieces.

- Water of life. "M" - water Is dead

Note: at the use inside only '" waters there is the thirst, it should be satisfied with compote or the acidified tea. The interval between receptions of "M" and water has to be not less than 2 hours

Sketch. - The device for receiving "live" and "dead" water. The electrode - 2 pieces stainless steel of 0.8х40х160 mm. Capacity - 1 liter. Time - 3-8 minutes.

The one-liter jar, 2 electrodes from stainless steel, distance between them 40 mm undertakes, do not get to the bottom; stainless steel of 40х160х0,8 mm in size.

Process of preparation of water lasts 3-8 minutes depending on necessary fortress. After preparation, having disconnected the fork from network and having taken out the device, to quickly pull out the sack and to pour out "M" water in other ware.

Water of life (alkaline) (-) - Dead water (acid) (+). "Live" and "dead" water — life without diseases!

Приготовление живой и мертвой воды

Preparation of live and dead water.

Practically read to each of us in the childhood fairy tales, and we well remember the story about "live" and "dead" water. In secret any child dreamed to learn from where these magic liquids undertake to gather though a few drops and to use in the life when it is required. But not for nothing in the people tell "The fairy tale the lie and in it the hint", "live" and "dead" water exist actually.

From the school bench the water formula — H2O is known to us. However modern researches showed that water possesses much more complex structure which if desired can be changed by means of electrolysis.

Why "live" water to our organism is so important?

What does the ionized water differ from water idle time in?

Two parameters: рН and redox potential (oxidation-reduction potential).

What shows parameter рН?

Nearly 80% of products which we use belong to acid-forming. And it is not what they on taste. Just at their splitting in the organism more acids, than alkalis (bases) are formed.

What is this or that product - acid or alkali, defines the indicator рН.

  1. Alkalis have рН higher than 7.
  2. Acids have рН lower than 7.
  3. Neutral products have рН =7.

Acid-forming products: beef, pork, mutton and chicken meat, sausage, products from white flour, sugar, coffee, black tea, all alcoholic beverages, the pasteurized juice, fish and seafood, cottage cheese, cheese, nuts and sunflower seeds, cereals, bread, rolls and cakes, ice cream, eggs, lemonade, Coca-Cola and тд.

And what belongs to shchelochnoobrazuyushchy food?

There is not a lot of them: fruit (except for preserved), vegetables, greens, natural yogurt, milk, soy, potatoes.

And what with drinks which we drink? What drinks prevail in our diet: sour or alkaline?

рН some drinks. Comparative data.

Name of drink Indicator рН
Orange juice 4,0
Beer 4,3
Tomato juice 5,3
Coffee 5,5
Still mineral water 5,58
Black tea 6, 1
Green tea 6,3
The ionized alkaline water from 7 to 12 at will

Pay attention that the majority of juice, mineral water, coffee, that is all drinks taken by us daily have sour рН.

As blood at us has рН in borders 7, 35-7, 45, it is very important to person to drink daily water with the alkaline rn.

Such water has improving effect and resists to oxidation of the organism and diseases which are followed by oxidation. Almost all diseases have one reason - too oxidized organism.

For example: When acid waste accumulates about the pancreas, and for their neutralization there are not enough alkaline calcium ions, the person gets sick with diabetes.

What shows parameter the redox potential (oxidation-reduction potential )?

The Oxidation-reduction Potential (ORP) shows, than this or that product – oxidizer or antioxidant is.

If any product, for example, water, is saturated with electrons and is ready to give them, then it is antioxidant. OVP is measured in millivolts by means of special devices: redox testers. Water which is drunk by the person stopped being drinking for a long time. We, as a rule, drink water from under the crane, butylated water with positive OVP (+200) - (+ 400MB). Great positive values in hundreds of MV mean that such water not only "does not wish" to give electrons, but also takes away them at hit in the organism. Such process promotes education of free radicals and is the origin of many serious illness - cancer, diabetes, the hypertension, the heart attack etc.

On the contrary, the OVP negative values mean that, getting to our organism, such water itself gives electrons.

Water with the OVP negative values and alkaline рН has pronounced improving properties and is recommended for daily application. The activated water is actively applied in Japan, Austria, the USA, Germany, India, Israel.

It is no wonder that in Japan such water is actively propagandized by the state health care system, "live" water is capable to save the person from many diseases easily. Regular reception normalizes digestion, improves work of internals. At the same time such water does not "load" the organism with additional chemicals, than tablets and synthetic medicines often sin. The use of water which acid-base balance is in harmony with liquids in the organism is excellent prevention for the majority of modern diseases. Ancient Slavs perfectly knew that natural sources help to increase life expectancy therefore actively looked for "live" water. Today it can be received in house conditions.

It is possible to prepare "live" and "dead" not only in specialized laboratories, but also at himself in kitchen. The activator of Willow-1 water is already known to much who is engaged in treatment by means of "fantastic" water. His producers LLC INKOMK are awarded with the Silver medal in 2004 and the Bronze medal in 2005 the International Salon of Innovations and Investments.

It is quite simple to use the water activator, developers took care of that electrolysis process of liquid became the most available to broad masses. "Willow-1" has the built-in timer which allows to power off the device after the end of process of activation, and owners will be notified on readiness of water for the use by means of the sound signal. Application of unique insoluble electrodes in water allows to receive liquid without foreign impurity. The willow-1 - the multifunction device which allows in house conditions both to be engaged in improvement of the organism, and to purify water from heavy metals.

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